Sample some of my work

On this page you'll find a few examples of what I've worked on in the past... or what I'm still currently working on!

  1. Cane and Rinse
    Cane and Rinse (2015 - current) In 2015, Cane and Rinse was named as one out of five video game related podcasts 'you need in your life' by VICE and in 2018 it got a 'Best Podcast' nomination for the British Games Media awards. And I get to contribute opinion pieces to their website, I've also been added to their line-up of mainstay panelists for their podcast, which means I have to spend a lot of time actually playing games all the way through again!
  2. Sanoma Media BV
    Sanoma Media BV (2015 - 2016) For Dutch publishing house Sanoma Media, I translate Star Wars and Donald Duck comics from English to Dutch. These are really fun assignments that allow me to tap into a type of creativity I otherwise don't get to employ very often. Additionally, I've translated a Minecraft strategy guide for Sanoma.
  3. Rangeela BV
    Rangeela BV (2015 - current) I'm also handling assignments given to me by Dutch media localisation company Rangeela BV, which specialises in the localisation of video games and software. So far, I've translated the software and UI-text of museum Château de Fontainebleau's virtual tour guide, the HistoPad, PR materials of a variety of upcoming video game releases and have localised a number of smaller and larger video game productions.
  4. Instant Magazine
    Instant Magazine (2016 - 2017) I do copywriting in English and Dutch for 'beyond startup' company Instant Magazine, owners of a very innovative digital magazine creation and publishing tool. So far, I've created SEA oriented landing webpages for them and created the tone of voice for their mailings, which I wrote as well.
  1. Euro-Sportring
    Euro-Sportring (2015) For Euro-Sportring I managed an online project that consists of creating a large number of microsites to promote each and every youth football tournament they're organising across Europe in 2016... in multiple European languages.
  2. Triv Magazine
    Dope / Triv Magazine (2015 - current) Ever so often, I am allowed to have an opinion piece on U.S. based Hip-Hop lifestyle site formerly known as Dope Magazine published... and I get to do the illustrations that go with it!
  3. My Complete Video Game Collection Reviewed
    My Complete Video Game Collection Reviewed (2010 - current) A project I started for my own enjoyment, which quickly got out of hand. I started cataloguing my collection of video games and decided to review each and everyone of them. A great writing exercise and it boosted my DTP knowledge, too!
  4. Microsoft Netherlands
    Microsoft Netherlands (2013 - 2015) For two years I managed the content stream of - and engagement on - a variety of Microsoft Netherlands' social media channels, including Twitter accounts MicrosoftNL, MicrosoftWerk, MSDev_NL and TechNetNL and Facebook pages Microsoft Nederland and Microsoft Developer NL.
  1. A Samana Tale
    A Samana Tale (2008 - 2011) From 2008 to 2011 I worked on my own 1-instalment comic book. Dissatisfied with my own drawing abilities at the time, I put the project on ice until I find I've further developed my skills sufficiently.
  2. Nintendo of Europe
    Nintendo of Europe (2008 - 2013) For more than 5 years I worked for Nintendo of Europe, being responsible for the Dutch language content on their consumer and corporate websites and managing a variety of promotional microsite development projects, starting from a conceptual level in the most enjoyable cases. As of 2015 I started doing freelance translation work for them.
  3. Commodore Gaming BV
    Commodore Gaming BV (2006 - 2008) In 2006, Commodore Gaming hired me as a content manager and in the two years I've worked for them, I was responsible for the creation of their website and webshop and filling them with content. I wrote the text content for the website and the printed product brochures myself, primarily in English; much to the satisfaction of the company's British CEO.
  4. / GameZ Digital Magazine / GameZ Digital Magazine (2005 - 2006) I held an editorial role For and their digital pdf magazine, contributing to the daily stream of news and regular interviews and reviews of new video game releases.
  1. GamePro
    GamePro (2004 - 2005) Before GamePro magazine was discontinued and its editoral staff moved on to online magazine, I conducted developer interviews and wrote game previews, game reviews and background articles for them.
  2. OOR
    OOR (1999 - 2002) From 1999 to 2002 I wrote articles, reviewed albums and interviewed artists for Dutch music lovers' magazine OOR.
  3. Zone 5300
    Zone 5300 (1996) While in the process of getting my Bachelor degree in creative writing, I wrote a few articles for themed issues of Dutch cult comic magazine Zone 5300.
  4. Stripschrift
    Stripschrift (1995-1997) After interning at the editorial staff of informative Dutch comic magazine Stripschrift, I stayed on for a bit, conducting interviews and reviewing comic books.